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FILLERPROXIDIL kit- hair growth kit, Anti-Hair Loss Set, hair growth process, Deeply cleans the scalp, Reduce the oiliness of the scalp


700.00 SAR




Developed specifically to allow the scalp to absorb the active ingredients in the Fillerproxidil Ampoules so that thee is a perfect absorption of the active ingredients.


Restructure the hair and volumize the hair strand and recover the fine strands without emphasis or excess frizz. Its formulation, which has actives with high re-moisten ability, does not allow the hair strands to dry out in the Fllerproxidil treatment process


Developed to accelerate the hair growth process. It is the most important product of the Fillerproxidil Line It contains the highest concentration of growth factors, the VEGF Factor being the main one.


An oral suspplement in the form of Pectin Bullet developed with itamins and mineral tat contibute to the formation of healthier hair. A formula tha stimulaes keratinization and accelerates the growth process.

The package contains: 01 Shampoo-120mL, 01 Conditioner-120ml, 04 Ampoules-6mL/unit, and 01 Food Supplement-240g/60 units. Do not use this product if you have wounds or injured skin. The effectiveness of this medicine depends on the functional capacity of the patient. The Fillerproxidil® Ampoule is transparent to a slightly yellowish solution.


FILLERPROXIDIL is indicated for the topical treatment of androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, oiliness scalp, and dandruff. It works to clear the hair bulb and stimulate hair growth.


FILLERPROXIDIL works by reversing follicular atrophy induced by the hormone DHT. Increases the size of follicles. Stimulates Capillary Angiogenesis: the emergence of new blood capillaries surrounding the new follicle- essential for hair nutrition and vitality. With Fillerproxidil once-a-week application for one month, the results begin to appear New hair begins to grow, and hair fall is minimized. We recommend applying the Fillerproxidil kit for three months to achieve 100% results of stopping hair loss and for capillary growth to become evident. Individuals differ in the amount of hair that will regrow and the time it will take for the best results to be achieved


Before using FILLERPROXIDIL, check that the scalp is healthy. Do not use if the skin or scalp is injured, inflamed, reddened, irritated, painful, or under conditions of sunburn or dermatitis. Do not use the product if you have an allergic reaction to any component of the formula FILLERPROXIDIL contains Methyl Nicotinate in its formulation, which is hyperemic, rubefacient, and vasodilator active, which causes redness and a slight local warming sensation This effect is normal and necessary so that there is an increase in blood oxygenation, essential in the process of stimulating the emergence of new hair. It does not cause an allergic reaction. Effects last for 3-5 minutes after application After applying the Ampoule, wait at least 15 minutes before using hair dryers, gels, creams, or finishing sprays Wait at least 4 hours before washing your hair again, if necessary Apply a total dose of 6ml of the Ampoule on the scalp, once a week, starting the application in the center of the affected area (6 drops or 1 ml per application), so that the effectiveness of the product is not compromised. The products are not recommended in cases of sudden or fragmented loss of hair, complete baldness, or total loss of hair and hair on the body, in cases where the hair loss is due to the use of some medication, severe dietary deficiency, during chemotherapy treatment, illnesses or situations that cause damage to the scalp. It should not be used if there is a family history of hair loss or if the reason for hair loss is unknown Refer to your doctor before use The use of tinctures, straightening or perms does not interfere with the product’s action. However, in order to avoid any local irritation, make sure there is no Fillerproxidil on the scalp before applying any chemicals. For best results, do not apply the product on the same day as chemical procedures on the hair Store products at room temperature (between 15 and 30°C) Protect from light, heat and humidity Keep bottles tightly closed after use

EHS Store Dubai introduced Fillerproxidil Kit which consists of four products:- shampoo, conditioner, Ampoules and Gummy. If you are looking for a natural hair growth kit or Hair fall control kit this product is designed for hairfall and hair loss issues. It will stimulate growth with gummies for healthy hair and experience natural hair growth easily with our product to make sure your scalp is in good shape. Do not apply if your scalp or skin is sunburned, itchy, painful,


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How to Use

How to use

FILLERPROXIDIL kit- hair growth kit, Anti-Hair Loss Set, hair growth process, Deeply cleans the scalp, Reduce the oiliness of the scalp


A.1. Luminiel-I can be conveniently used even while lying down, providing skin improvement effects through concentrated care with sufficient intensity of patent-LED-light healing technology. 

The product is a wireless system that can be used as habitual skincare anytime, anywhere.

Recommended usage: Max. of 2 times a day/max. of 10 minutes per use.

A.2. The Luminiel-I does not use wavelength in the blue bandwidth, and it is designed in compliance with the safety standards and CB testing (photobiological safety) of the Korean Agency for Technology and Standard to prevent side effects on the eyeballs. However, you may experience eye-dazzling effects when using the product directly on your eyes for a long time.

A.3. The serum is developed for the convenient use of Luminiel-I patches. The serum is for wearing the patch comfortably, and it has high viscosity. Apply the serum to facial wrinkles, wrinkles around the eyes, and cheeks, and then wear the LED patches after one minute of applying the serum. Cosmetics preference varies among users. You may use your basic skincare cosmetics or moisturiser. In such a case, we recommend using the product while lying down.

A.4. The warranty period of the product is one year after purchase. The battery is a consumable component; however, you can use the battery for a long time when you keep it away from low or high temperatures.

Consumables and battery sticks can be purchased separately.

A.5. Rinse the Luminiel-I LED patches in flowing water after use, wipe the moisture off, and keep it in the charging case. (Never clean the battery stick with water).

A.6. The product turns on when touching the battery stick button and automatically turns off after 10 minutes of use. If you want to turn the power off during use, separate the battery stick from the LED patch.

A7. Check the charging level of the battery stick or power connector of the stick and LED patch.

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FILLERPROXIDIL kit- hair growth kit, Anti-Hair Loss Set, hair growth process, Deeply cleans the scalp, Reduce the oiliness of the scalp
700.00 SAR