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A clinically proven beauty solution. Your choice, your time, your convenience

Being comfortable through the day, and night is one thing women always look for. Luminiel-Y is a Korean technology approved by the FDA, European Union CE standards, TUV SUD, and ESMA. It is designed to bring that comfort and the sensation of always being fresh by providing multiple benefits for whitening, hygiene, freshness, skin comfort and therapy.

Luminiel-Y is made out of a harmless silicone material that doesn’t cause skin irritation or inflammation. On the contrary, Luminiel-Y can help disinfect and heal the damaged skin, soothe it after a bikini wax, reduces inflammation, and redness, and whitens the skin in addition to the disinfectant qualities which guarantee a healthier Y-Zone.

Price 949.00 SAR

Glow, shine! Catch everyone’s eye!

Your glow will be the centre of attention. Your soft and clear skin is a natural outcome with the help of Luminiel-I LED technology, an FDA, European Union. TUV SUD, and ESMA-approved Korean technology. It provides a therapeutic effect and a soft touch against your skin. Experience the sensation of smooth bright skin every day without worry, on your own time, with convenience and privacy.

With the revolutionary Luminiel-I, you’ll never have to worry about black circles, under-eye bags, or sagging skin again. The collagen and Elastin serum and the LED patches will restore your skin to its beautiful, youthful glow!

The synergy between Luminel-I LED patches and serum will enhance the collagen and elastin production thus restoring your skin’s healthy glow.

Price 999.00 SAR



Developed specifically to allow the scalp to absorb the active ingredients in the Fillerproxidil Ampoules so that thee is a perfect absorption of the active ingredients.

Restructure the hair and volumize the hair strand and recover the fine strands without emphasis or excess frizz. Its formulation, which has actives with high re-moisten ability, does not allow the hair strands to dry out in the Fllerproxidil treatment process.

Developed to accelerate the hair growth process. It is the most important product of the Fillerproxidil Line It contains the highest concentration of growth factors, the VEGF Factor being the main one.

An oral supplement in the form of Pectin Bullet developed with vitamins and mineral tat contribute to the formation of healthier hair. A formula that stimulates keratinization and accelerates the growth process.

Price 700.00 SAR
Price 700.00 SAR